Automated Response

Send a templated message when your team doesn't respond to an urgent message

Since the AI won't answer an urgent message sent by a guest, it's important to ensure that the guest is responded to for both the guest experience and your response time.

The Automated Response feature allows you to choose how long you want to give you and your team to respond and write a templated message that will be sent to guests if you don't respond in time.

If you don't set this feature up, nothing will be sent to a guest when your team doesn't reply to an urgent message.

Set Up the Automated Response

  1. From the Urgent Tag page, go to the top right corner and click the Automated Response button.

  1. This modal will pop up and ask you to configure two things: a delay and a templated response.

For every message tagged as urgent, HostAI will send the below message if the host doesn't respond to it after the selected Time Delay

The most common delay time across our users is 15 minutes

You are able to write your own message but if you want to use our templated message, make sure you exchange the x's with your phone number.

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