Teach Your AI

How to teach your AI so it learns as you use i

How it works

If an AI-generated message is missing the mark for whatever reason—missing information, wrong information, not following a rule—you can use the teach button to tell the AI how it should respond to future messages of this type.

Every HostAI-generated message has the 👨‍🎓 teach button next to it so you can make sure every message is up to your standards

Your knowledge base will update once a week with all of the new information you add to it. Using the teach button ensures high-quality responses over time.

Types of Information You Can Teach

  1. Info: If the AI is missing info that is needed for a particular response, add that in the teach button.

  2. Rules: If the AI isn't following a rule you want it to—like don't send the address before check-in date—add that rule in the teach button.

  3. Tonality: If the AI doesn't have as many emojis as you'd like or the messages are too short, tell it in the teach button.

  4. The Desired Message: If you prefer to just write the entire message you would want the AI to send in the teach button, that works too.

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