Using Slack

Have your team comms and guest comms in one place

If you already use Slack, easily connect it to your HostAI account. This will allow you to approve, dismiss, and edit messages from your Slack account

For teams that manage >30 listings, we recommend that you use the HostAI inbox for your messaging. Teaching the AI isn't available through Slack

Connecting Slack

  1. Navigate to the Settings page and scroll down to Messaging Apps

  1. Choose your Workspace

If you don't already use Slack, we recommend you don't set one up

  1. Go to your Slack and create a channel called "HostAI"

  1. Select the Channel you just created

If you don't see the channel in the dropdown, try searching for it

Sending Messages from Slack

Guest messages will funnel into your Slack account and you will have the option to Approve, Dismiss, or Edit Messages. You will also be able to go to the conversation in the HostAI inbox by clicking the "Go to Conversation" link

Clear the Slack Channel

If your HostAI channel gets too cluttered, use the keyboard shortcut "/clear_channel" to clear all the messages.

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