Navigating HostAI

Learn about the UI and how to navigate pages in HostAI.

HostAI is split into different sections to make it easy to access your listings' knowledge base, and manage your communication with guests / team. Read on to learn more about these sections, and how they help you build an organized and easily automatable operation.

The Sidebar

The sidebar allows you to see and access all of HostAI's functionality at a glance. The sidebar allows you to navigate to:

  • Home: View metrics and guest comms at a glance

  • Inbox: Respond to guests fast

  • Listings: View and add information for the AI to learn

  • Urgent Tags: Tell the AI which situations you want to answer manually

  • Upsells: Configure and send upsells

  • Tasks: View tasks AI found and assign them to team members

  • Phone: A VoIP solution integrated with your team

  • Settings: Configure your HostAI account

  • Help: Reach out to our team

  • Docs: Leads you here

Home Page

Go to the Home Page to view metrics and stats about your automation levels, your upsell revenue, and more.

The Listings Page

From the Listings page, you are able to configure information and settings from a listing level and a global level.

Clicking Into One Listing

Upon clicking on any listing, here's what you will see: the knowledge base for the listing. This is all of the listing-specific information related to this listing.

  1. Activity Page: View all guests attached to this listing

  1. AI Knowledge: View all of the knowledge we pull from your PMS and add new info when needed.

  1. Nearby Spots: Add nearby spots that you want the AI to pull from when guests ask for local recs

  1. Guidebooks: Upload links or attachments of your external knowledge that you want the AI to know for this listing

Doesn't have to be guidebooks you upload here. Any kind of external knowledge will work

  1. Chat Sandbox: Act like a guest and test the AI for this listing. Learn more about how to use the sandbox here.

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