Reservation Sidebar

See all of the relevant info for every reservation

Pause the AI for a Specific Conversation

From the sidebar, you can pause the AI for a specific conversation. If a situation comes up that you want to take control of, press pause and choose how long you want the AI for this conversation to be paused for.

Change Reservation Dates & Times

Adjust the Check-In / Checkout dates and times for any given reservation, directly from the sidebar.

Be sure to click save so that it shoots to your PMS and updates

Pre-Approve Reservations for Airbnb

For Airbnb inquiries, pre-approve them directly from the sidebar.

Send Upsells

If an upsell is detected for a reservation, you will see it on the sidebar. From the sidebar, you can then send the upsell to the guest in one click.

View Tasks

If HostAI detects a task from any message in a conversation, you will be able to view the task from the sidebar.

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