Host Signature

Choose how you want the AI to sign off messages. This is not required.

What is a Host Signature?

A host signature is the name the AI will sign off messages with.

For example:

  • "John"

  • "John Smith"

  • "John and Luxury Bnb Team"

  • "Luxury Bnb Team"

If you want your guests to know that the messages are sent with AI, add that to the Host Signature. For example "Luxury Bnb AI Support"

Set Your Host Signature

  1. Go to Settings

  1. Add your Host Signature

  1. Test it in the Chat Sandbox or wait for a guest message to come in


Do I need to have a Host Signature?

No! If you don't set one, the AI will not sign off messages with anything which is totally fine.

Can I add sign off language like "Warmly" "Best" or "With regards"?

Yes. You can add this to your Host Signature, but it's not required. If you only put a name, the AI will add a sign off based on previous messages in the conversation

Why is the signature not on its own line?

If the signature is not on its own line, go to the signature and add a line above the signature. This will ensure the signature is on its own line.

What happens if I am a co-host of a property?

If you co-host the property with another person, either don't use the signature or make the signature not specific to one person. Instead, use a plural version of the signature like "Luxury Bnb Team" or "Luxury Bnb Guest Support".

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