Listing Audit

Identify gaps in your knowledge base with questions to stress-test the AI for each listing.

Listing Audits are our way of ensuring response quality for each of your listings. We provide listing audits for all enterprise users and by request for users with fewer than 30 listings.

Listing Audit Template

This is an example of what a Listing Audit looks like.

  1. The first column contains the questions we ask each listing's AI

  2. The second column contains the AI's answers

  3. The third column is for you to approve the AI's answer

  4. The fourth column is for adding the relevant info in case you don't like the AI's answer

The questions we use are subject to change. Reach out to to request a listing audit

What Happens if My Audit Has Answers I Don't Like?

The AI's answers are determined by the information it has. If you don't like the results of the Listing Audit, it's a sign that your AI doesn't have enough information.

To learn more about adding knowledge for your AI, check out these pages below:

Learn More About Adding Knowledge:

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