Adding Urgent Tags

Guest messages tagged as urgent will get escalated for you and your team to handle.

What is an Urgent Tag?

Urgent tags tell the AI which situations it should not respond to automatically. Messages tagged as urgent will be escalated to a human to handle.

Create Urgent Tags for Situations You Don't Want to Automate

Creating an Urgent Tag

Click the Add Tag Button next to the search bar.

What to Put

  1. Add the name of the tag. This is up to you.

  2. Add a description: use this to give context for when this tag would come up. The more info the better.

Use the format "When guest says _____" in the tag description to give the clearest context.

Switching a Tag Off

If you decide that you don't want to tag anymore but don't want to full remove it, simply switch the tag off.

Common Urgent Tags

Tag NameDescription

Request for Additional Services

When a guest asks for items such as towels, bedding, extra keys, cots, high chairs, or any other item that will require staff to attend


When a guest asks for discounts on stays

Forgotten / Lost Items

When a guest says they have lost or forgotten an item at the property

An Optional Feature of Urgent Tags:


What if a guest sends an Urgent message and a Non-urgent message back to back?

If the messages are sent very close together, we will tag the whole group of messages as urgent and not reply. If urgent is first and you don't respond, every messaging following that will be tagged as urgent.

Are there situations that will automatically be tagged as urgent even if there isn't a tag?

If a guest sends an attachment (photo, pdf, video) they will automatically be tagged as urgent.

Do my tags have to be verbatim to the guest message

No. The AI understands the meaning and the intent behind the words, not just the exact keywords. This allows it to tag messages based on their context and implied meanings.

How do I get notified when a message is tagged as urgent?

You will get notified of urgent messages in the same place you get notified of all things HostAI. Head to Notifications to learn more.

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