Autopilot Schedule

Have Autopilot on 24/7 or choose the specific times when you want the AI responding to message automatically.

24/7 vs. Schedule

You have two options when choosing when you want HostAI to be on Autopilot.

  1. 24/7: If you select Autopilot to be on 24/7, it will be on 24/7

  2. Schedule: If you only want HostAI on autopilot for specific times, use the schedule to set when you want it.

Autopilot is set to 24/7 by default

Scheduling Autopilot

When you select Autopilot to "Select a Time", you can go more granular by day of week and time to get the exact schedule you want.

Select Days of Week

All days of the week are selected by default. To have your schedule for specific days, simply click on the day to turn it off.

Scheduling Time

First select the timezone for which you want this schedule to follow.

Select the Times for When You Want Autopilot On

Choose from when to when you want autopilot on. This is up to you.

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