Chat Sandbox

Use the Chat Sandbox to test your AI for each listing.

The Chat Sandbox allows you to see how your AI will respond to messages. This feature is designed to alleviate any uncertainties you might have before setting your AI to Autopilot.

The Chat Sandbox only works after you activate the AI.

Each listing has its own Chat Sandbox. Here's how to get there.

  1. Start on the Listings Page and click on a listing

  1. Once you are in a Listing, go to the last tab titled Chat Sandbox

The Reservation Sidebar

Not all guest questions are created equally. The Reservation Sidebar in the Chat Sandbox is so you can see how the AI responds to different types of questions along the guest journey.

Reservation Status

Configure whether the reservation is an inquiry, a confirmed booking, or a canceled booking with by selecting the Reservation Status in the top right corner.

The AI answers will be different depending on the reservation status.

Check-In and Checkout Dates

Like a normal reservation sidebar, the Chat Sandbox reservation sidebar gives you the ability to configure the Check-In and Checkout Dates so that you can ask check-in/checkout related questions.

If the Reservation Status is confirmed, configuring the Check-In + Checkout Dates will change the Reservation Status to Future, Current, or Past Stay

Reservation Creation Time

Setting the Reservation Creation Time is not necessary for using the Sandbox. The main purpose of this is to test questions related to same-day booking policies.

Using the Sandbox

Using the Sandbox is simple: type in questions that a guest might ask and see how the AI responds

What Is the Yellow Warning Sign?

The Sandbox isn't a 1:1 replication of how the AI will respond to messages in the wild. There are some situations in the wild that can't be replicated in the sandbox.

  1. Including the Guest Name: Since there is no guest in the sandbox, you are going to see the AI start the message with "Hi Guest!". Don't be alarmed—this won't happen in the wild.

  2. Responding to Urgent Messages: If you send a message in the sandbox that should be tagged as Urgent, the AI will still respond to it even though it won't in the wild. In the sandbox, the AI will respond to any question you ask it, so don't be alarmed.

  3. Calendar / Pricing Related Questions: If you ask questions related to calendar availability surrounding the dates you configured in the sidebar or ask for pricing of booking nights, the AI will not give the correct answer 100% of the time. This is a limitation of the sandbox environment so don't be alarmed.

Clearing the Sandbox After Adding New Information

If you are using the Sandbox to test new knowledge you've added, be sure to click the "Clear" button. Clearing the sandbox allows the AI to refresh and re-read the new knowledge you may have added.

Learn More About Using the Sandbox to Test the AI

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