You can configure your Pets policy in one of two ways.

Don't Allow Pets

If you don't allow Pets, simply leave the boxes for each listing unchecked.

Allow Pets

If you allow Pets, it's a little more detailed.

If the Policy is the Same Across All Listings

If your Pet Policy is the same across all listings, instead of checking each box one by one, you can bulk edit instead. To do this, click the "Check All" under the Pets Header

If the Policy is Different Across Listings

If your Pet Policy differs from listing to listing, check the box for each listing where you allow Pets.

It's easier to check all, set up the policy, and then deselect the listings for which it doesn't apply than setting up the policy one by one.

Adding Pet Fees

After clicking "Check-All" or "Edit" (if your policy is different from listing to listing), this modal will pop up.

If Your Pet Policy Is Different Than the Suggested Option

If your pet fee is different than the suggested text, click it anyway and edit the text directly in the field.

If you have more complex Pet Policy Details like price per pet or payment links, include it in the reasoning.

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