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Urgency Tagging

How Host.AI tags messages at as Not Urgent and Urgent.

Not Urgent

These are messages related to routine information that can be answered by Host.AI by referencing your property details, supplemental facts, or our AI-powered insights. Host.AI takes charge and replies automatically. If you have activated Training Mode, you get the flexibility to either approve or deny the responses generated by the AI.


Messages that are related to urgent situations that demand immediate attention. These include things like plumbing failures, lost keys, or security concerns. Host.AI prioritizes these messages, swiftly alerting the host via SMS, WhatsApp, or Slack.

How do we determine urgency?

Our AI model is trained on a large dataset of messages between short-term rental guests and hosts. As experienced hosts, we’ve seen 90% of things that could go wrong at rental properties. So we've developed robust protocols to ensure messages are tagged as accurately as possible.
Examples of Urgent tags:
  • Medical emergencies or injury
  • Security issues like break-ins or suspicious activities
  • Problems with essential amenities like heating, cooling, or internet service
  • Emergencies related to fire or natural disasters
  • And much more...

Add your own Urgent tags

We realize different managers have different preferences for guest messaging. Our Host Profile allows you to add customized tags that fit your operation.