Follow the following step to connect your HostAI account to Lodgify.

Integrate Your Hostfully Account With HostAI

By harnessing your existing knowledge and training an AI model for each listing, HostAI crafts a solution uniquely tailored to your team.

HostAI features include:

  1. Automated AI messaging: HostAI uses AI to automate guest communications throughout every point of the stay.

  2. Upsells: HostAI boosts revenue by suggesting timely upsells based on the calendar and cleaning schedule, including personalized offers.

  3. AI-Driven Task Creation and Tracking: HostAI pulls most relevant information from guest messages and reviews and turns them into actionable tasks for you and your team to complete.

  4. Escalate Urgent Situations to Your Team: HostAI categorizes guest messages as urgent or non-urgent, prioritizing urgent ones for human attention.

  5. Unified inbox: HostAI's unified inbox centralizes all communication channels across guests and teams, allowing you to have one source of truth for your comms.

Set Up

  1. Step One: Connect Hostfully with HostAI by clicking on the integrations page

  1. Step Two: Activate HostAI

  1. Step Three: Click into settings next to the switch

  1. Step Four: Switch HostAI on for all listings

  1. Step Five: Go to HostAI landing page www.hostai.app

  1. Step Six: Create Account

  1. Step Seven: Go to Homepage and click Begin Set Up

  1. Step Eight: Select Hostfully

  1. Step Nine: Allow HostAI to access your Hostfully Account

  1. Step Ten: You're imported! Complete HostAI set up or book an onboarding call with a product onboarding specialist.

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