Adding Team Members

How to give employees and team members access to your HostAI account

How To

  1. Click the avatar at the bottom of the sidebar

Don't go to the team page in Settings.

  1. Click Manage Account

  1. Click Add Email and Add your team member's email

  1. Get Verification Code from Team Member's Email

A verification code will be sent to the email you add, so be sure they are on standby before going through this process

  1. Insert the Code and the Email will be added

Logging in with this email will still require a password so be sure to share with them the password

Alternate Way

If you would rather add an entire Google Account instead of an email, you can do that too. The value of this is that your new member won't need your password to log in.

It's in the same flow but click Connect Account instead of Add Email.

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